In addition to my dissertation research, I am developing a research agenda on the causes of political and violent conflict and their consequences for economic and political development, with a particular focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. My current co-authored proejcts explore the use of Constituency Development Funds (CDF) for clientelistic purposes under competitive elections in Kenya, the conditions under which communal conflict occurs in Ethiopia, and the response of regional organizations to human rights violations associated with conflicts in Africa. In another co-authored paper, we focus on why governments sometimes choose to allow militant groups to participate in electoral politics while fighting continues and why they sometimes instead ban them from participation. I am also independently conducting research on the relationship between structural adjustment programs, economic austerity, and political violence in a global sample.

Working Papers
“The Political Logic of Electricity Provision in Post-Conflict Uganda”

“Policing in a Post-Conflict State: Evidence from Uganda”

“Competitive Elections and Public Goods Distribution in Africa” (with Leonardo Arriola, Donghyun Choi, & Matthew Gichohi)

“Candidates and Combatants: Why Do Simultaneous Electoral and Armed Campaigns Occur?” (with Aila Matanock)
Projects in Progress
“The Political Economy of Localized Communal Conflicts in Ethiopia” (with Leonardo Arriola & Lahra Smith)

“Evaluating the Human Rights Record of African Regional Institutions” (with Leonardo Arriola and Fiona Shen-Bayh)

“Economic Austerity & Political Violence: The Effect of Structural Adjustment”